1,000 African start-ups in the spotlights

The Africa-France Summit in 2020 will be the stage for a grand total of 1,000 African start-ups to present their pitch to investors, NGOs and other important stakeholders. The 28th annual summit will be held on June 4-6 in Bordeaux, France.

Disrupt Africa reports that the summit organization has teamed up with ‘Digital Africa’ to organise a special challenge for 1,000 entrepreneurs from the continent. In “The City of Solutions” challenge, they will be able to show their projects for sustainable cities and territories.

The solutions offered by the start-ups at the conference will focus on offering access to essential services, feeding cities, building and enhancing the city, transportation, living in the city, Financing and structuring projects, and connecting the city.

After the application period has ended January 31, the full list of 1,000 contestants will be announced at the end of March. Winners will be provided with plane tickets and three-days accommodation in Bordeaux.

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