Africa's latest news: Africa´s entrepreneur of the year, the 2013 Africa Progress Report and Africa’s largest company | Biz weekly CEO Sim Shagaya is Entrepreneur of the Year 2013

Sim Shagaya, founder and CEO of the Nigerian home shopping enterprise, has won the Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Award in the CNBC/All Africa Business Leaders Award in West Africa. The award celebrates the efforts of ‘African game changers’ who have shaped business on the continent in 2013. Sim Shagaya founded Konga Online Shopping Limited in July, 2012 and has rapidly become the leading retailer in Nigeria with dedication to stellar customer service. offers low prices and fast delivery services on thousands of products nationwide. Shagaya is proud to lead, “by which buyers and sellers find each other and trade goods and money, providing remarkable levels of retail convenience, choice and customer satisfaction.” He said a key strength of Konga’s operations was in its understanding of the Nigerian people and its focus. 
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2013 Africa Progress Report: “Invest resources to the benefit of people!”

Africa is standing on the edge of enormous opportunity; African policy makers and their partners have critical choices to make. They can either invest their natural resource revenue in people to generate jobs and opportunities for millions in present and future generations. Or they can squander this opportunity, allowing jobless growth and inequality to take root. This is the key message of the ‘2013 Africa Progress Report – Equity in Extractives’. The report was launched by former United Nations chief Kofi Annan and the Africa Progress Panel. “Africa can better manage its vast natural resource wealth to improve the lives of the region’s people by setting out bold national agendas for strengthening transparency and accountability”, the Africa Progress Panel stated at the launch of the report. 
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Sonatrach is Africa’s largest company

Sonatrach, Sonangol and Sasol are Africa’s largest companies, based on financial performance. They came out first, second and third on the ‘Africa Report's top 500 Companies list. 
The majority of the companies on the list are based in South Africa, but numbers one and two have their headquarters elsewhere. Number one, Algeria’s oil and gas giant Sonatrach, is the 12th company in the world. Angolan oil giant Sonangol is Africa’s third-biggest oil producer. Number three on the top 500 companies list is Sasol, that has interests in coal, oil, gas and more. 
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