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Which are the 15 most promising technology startups in Africa today? Toby Shapshak, a technology journalist based in Johannesburg, made his list for CNN and it is no surprise that the majority of the companies are focused on internet and mobile. “Africa is not just a mobile-first continent. It is mobile-only”, Shapshak explains.

First on the list is BRCK, a brick-like device that serves as 'the internet's backup generator.' It can keep 20 devices connected for eight hours and is robust enough to handle power failures. Another promising startup on the list is the Obami education site, that uses the familiar Facebook paradigm as its interface, making it familiar to students, teachers and parents. 

One more: Mxit used to be the largest social network in Africa before Facebook took over the title. To Shapshak, Mxit still has great potential, partly because of its existing audience. It has "has 7.5-million users, with 6.5 million of them in South Africa -- all emerging middle-class consumers who want to buy your brand." 

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