A dhow made of recycled ocean plastics

Ocean plastics are a large ecological problem all over the world. To focus the attention of the world to the problem and to convey the message that recycling is crucial, Kenyan recycling activists have built a dhow from recycled ocean plastics.

The 60-foot dhow, a traditional ship used widely in the Indian Ocean, is made entirely of recycled material, found on the shores of Kenya. The builders used 200,000 recycled flip-flops, and 45 tonnes of plastic waste from the ocean.

The activist intend to sail the dhow to South Africa, to seek publicity for their cause: fighting the ‘plastic flood’ of all the thousands of plastic waste items that wash up the shores of Africa. The boat builders have collected plastic bottles, polyethylene bags and flipflops and shipped them to a waste processing plant in Malindi, Kenya. The waste was crushed and shredded and then put in a mould and pressed into a strong material of sometimes the metres long – strong enough to build an ocean-faring dhow on.

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