Africa by 2100: the biggest cities in the world

By 2100 some of the world’s biggest cities will be in Africa. This is one of the findings of researchers of the Global Cities Institute, on their search for potential megacities of the future. The top 3 of their list of the 101 largest cities by 2100 is Lagos (Nigeria), Kinshasa (DRC) and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). 

The Global Cities Institute extrapolated a variety of factors to project a list of the 101 largest cities in the years 2025, 2050, 2075, and 2100. The institute has estimated that in 2100, thirteen of the world’s 101 largest megacities will be located in Africa. 

The World Economic Forum website reports that Lagos will have over 88 million inhabitants in 2100. The city is “expected to push the limits of how big a metropolis can get.” The city is growing so fast that no one really knows how many people live there. Experts say that over 2,000 people emigrate to the city every day, and the current population is estimated to be somewhere between 11 and 21 million inhabitants. 

Kinshasa (DRC) is expected to become the second largest city in the world with a population of 83 million, Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) will grow from just 4.4 million today to 74 million inhabitants. 

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