Cameroon: plastic bottles recycled into construction blocks

Cameroon’s world-famous former football hero Roger Milla now heads the Heart of Africa foundation, an organisation that successfully collects and recycling plastic bottles in the country’s two major cities of Yaounde and Douala.

AfricaNews reports that the foundation is determined unclog the gutters and drains in the cities from the bottles. It has already nearly 2 million plastic bottles and recycled them into construction blocks.

The organisation of the retired Cameroonian footballer Roger Milla recycles the bottles and mixes them with sand to make contraction slabs. This helps address the issue of sustainable development and maintenance of roads.

The plastic slabs are cheaper than conventional concrete slabs, costing about $5.40 per square meter compared to $8.50. The slabs have been approved as sustainable by the country’s National Civil Engineering Laboratory. Furthermore, the new procedure is creating jobs. Over 750 youths have been trained in the process of making the plastic slabs.

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