Dakar Lives, tourism & lifestyle platform, spreads its wings

A simple, low-key Instagram account promoting Senegal tourism photos has grown to be such a huge success that it is now the country’s most popular lifestyle community. A serious business plan is to take the Instagram adventure of the four founders to the next level.

CNN reports that Dakar Lives currently is Senegal’s hottest online lifestyle ‘hangout’. Only six months after is started as an Instagram account, Dakar Lives has nearly 50,000 followers. It has become an avid community sharing vibrant snaps of the West African nation's idyllic beaches, buzzing street scenes and rich cuisine.

The next phase of the online lifestyle platform will be a website that showcases what's hot in Senegal, offering leisure experiences and points to the capital's bars, restaurants and shops. According to its business plan, it is ready to become commercial and make money. Businesses can now pay to be featured more prominently in the Dakar city guide or use the Instagram community to promote their product. The start-up also offers Instameets, events and product giveaways, catering to Dakar's digitally-connected youth.

The group behind Dakar lives has already launched a Morrocco Lives Instragram feed with more than 10,000 followers. They are also considering expansion to Abidjan, Ivory Coast and Bamako, Mali, either through partners or a franchise.

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Image by DakarLives Instagram

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