Dangote: "I need 38 visa to move around Africa"

Nigerian national Aliko Dangote, the richest businessperson in Africa, finds it hard to accept that travelling across the continent involves so much red tape. "Despite my influence, I need 38 visas to move around Africa."

In an interview with CNBC Africa, Dangote said adequate steps must be taken to address the issue to achieve economic growth. Dangote advises African leaders to give incentives to investors and make intra-Africa travel easy.

The businessman acknowledges the fact that African leaders are attempting to move to a pan-African passport; he also senses reluctance among some leaders to act upon their promises and truly break down barriers: “You go to a country that is looking for investment, which particular country will give you a run around just to get a visa.”
“You have to know somebody who is big in that country to call somebody. They are giving you visas as if it is a favour."

According to a report on The Cable (Nigeria), Dangote regards intra-Africa trade to be still very much on the downside, stating that Nigeria imports flour from Europe, whereas, the flour was exported to Europe from Kenya and Ethiopia.

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Image by World Economic Forum, via Wikimedia Commons

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