Drones help save children’s lives in Malawi

In Malawi, drones are being tested to take blood samples from remote rural clinics to the central hospital. In a pilot project, the drones are travelling at high speed in a service that is meant to accelerate the detection of HIV in infants, with the intention to start treatment earlier and possible save lives.

In the joint project of UNICEF and the Malawian government, a first test flight showed the feasibility of the project. Vanguard reported that the drone travelled the ten kilometres between a rural clinic and the Kamuzu Central Hospital in Malawi in twenty minutes. Other test flights will take place to assess the cost and safety of the project.

In Malawi, many children are born to HIV positive mothers and quality of care that can be given to them depends on how quickly a diagnosis is established. The drones speed up the procedure. Until the drones came in, transportation took ten days, largely due to poor road conditions in Malawi.

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