Ghana can now pay in Bitcoin

7/17/2018 9:04:21 AM

Ghana businesses and individuals can now pay and get paid in bitcoins. Using bitcoin as a method of payment in deals with the rest of the world is now possible thanks to the digital payments platform of BitPesa.

The company’s recent establishment in Ghana – and its connection to the two major mobile networks – means that Ghanaians can now buy and sell bitcoins with mobile money. Businesses and consumers can now also send bitcoin-payments to Ghana mobile accounts and to other African countries.

In a report by BizTechAfrica, BitPesa’s CEO Elizabeth Rossiello explains that Ghana is now the second country in West Africa (after Nigeria) to conduct business transactions in bitcoin via the BitPesa platform. “BitPesa can significantly lower the cost of payments from Ghana to other important trading partners such as Nigeria. BitPesa was founded in 2013 in Nairobi and has operations in Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal and DRC.

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