Ghana welcomes its first locally-produced car

Kwadwo Safo Kantanka from Ghana has realised his dream of developing and marketing cars ‘Made in Ghana’. The cars are to be recognised by Ghana's five-pointed star emblem that is mounted on the grilles.

Kantanka, locally known as ‘the apostle’ because he also runs a network of churches, offers not just one type of car. eNCA reports that his range of sports utility vehicles and pick-up trucks is being talked about all over Ghana. The locally-produced Kantanka cars sell between € 16,500 and € 32,000 – more than most Ghanaians can afford. Fortunately, a cheaper saloon car is expected to go on sale next year.

Ghana's police service is already operating one of Kantanka’s pick-up trucks, potentially paving the way for other government agencies to place orders.

Most parts for the Kantanka vehicles are sourced locally, although some key components such as glass, tyres and brake calipers are imported. Wood from Ghanaian forests is used to make dashboards while the cream-coloured leather seats in the black SUV were made in the country's second biggest commercial city, Kumasi.

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Image by Zyfloss, via Wikimedia Commons

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