Google to train 1 million Africans in ‘digifying’ effort

Google is planning to train 1 million Africans in an effort to grow the continent’s digital economy and change the nature of its media and advertising industries. Training Africa’s digital skills is part of Google’s Digify program that will run in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya.

Google estimates that by 2020, 500 million internet users will be online in Africa. With unemployment rates in South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya at 35%, 13% and 17% respectively, Google wants to empower young people in these countries to change their lives.

Forbes reports that the program consists of two parts. The first is Digify Bytes, a free online learning platform that allows people to absorb knowledge about the online world in short parts at their own pace, in their own time. The second part is a three-month face-to-face training course called Digify Pro. This part of the program is designed to give young people the digital skills required to be employed in an agency or corporate marketing department.

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Image by Abelkazzah, via Wikimedia Commons

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