Hungarian company to build 10,000 affordable houses in Ghana

Hungarian company to build 10,000 affordable houses in Ghana

Solin, a Hungarian company, is to construct 10,000 affordable housing units across Ghana. The government of Ghana has signed an agreement with the company, that constructs the houses using polystyrene concrete technology.

AfricaInvestor reports that Ghana is facing a 1.7 million housing deficit. To help solve the problem, the government closed a deal with Solin for the so-called Rapid Housing Technology. The company will use polystyrene concrete to provide fast and cost-effective housing units.

The houses will be financed and built under a Public-Private Partnership (PPP). Part of the project is the establishment of a Solin factory in Ghana. Solin will be able to construct 2000 housing units annually. To get the work done, Solin is partnering with Sino Africa Development Company Limited who will execute the civil works – while transferring the technology to the local partners.

After completion, the government will absorb the housing units which will then be presented to the citizens at flexible and affordable terms.

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