International air traffic to Africa grows 13.3 percent

12/18/2017 1:47:59 PM

Africa is experiencing robust growth in international passenger traffic. The continent’s international passenger flight arrivals grew 13.3 per cent in 2017, compared to the equivalent period last year.

AirportWorld reports that, according to the latest data from ForwardKeys, arrivals in 2017 are showing robust growth. Growth was driven by a net increase of 82 routes. There was a particularly strong growth from the Americas, up 17.8%. Traffic from Europe grew 12.7%. Traffic from other parts of Africa was up 12.5% and Asia-Pacific went up 16.4%.

The countries that benefit most from the increase in passenger numbers are Egypt and Tunisia, as these countries are beginning to recover from health and safety issues. Morocco and Tunisia have seen a steady growth of visitors, thanks to the visa exemptions for Chinese travelers.

Jon Howell, managing director of AviaDev, notes that airline investment has been greater in travel to African countries from outside the continent than it is between African countries.

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