Johannesburg to be Africa’s biggest GDP city

In 2030, Johannesburg will be Africa’s biggest city in terms of GDP. According to research by Oxford Economics, Johannesburg will contribute $196 billion to the GDP, followed by Cairo ($168 billion), Luanda ($138 billion), Lagos ($76 billion), and Cape Town ($73 billion).

The research shows future trends and market opportunities in the world’s largest 750 cities. It forecasts what the global urban landscape will look like in 2030. Researchers took into account population size, age and income per capita.

Business Tech reports that the study finds that the world’s 750 largest cities represent 57% of global gross domestic product (GDP), and will contribute 61% by the year 2030.

In terms of population in Africa, Lagos in Nigeria will have 25 million people in 2030, followed by Kinshasa (16.7 million), Cairo (14.1 million), Luanda (9.8 million), and Dar es Salaam (9.4 million).

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