Kano (Nigeria) - Africa’s largest tomato-processing factory

Nigeria has completed the largest tomato-processing factory in Africa. The Dangote tomato-processing factory in Kano State will reduces Nigeria’s dependence on tomato paste and puree import.

The Nigerian Voice reports that the 1,200 metric ton installed capacity factory has been built in the Staple Crop Processing Zone Development (SCPZ). Development of this special zone is one of the focus points of the Agri­cultural Transformation Agenda (ATA) of Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan.

The idea is to attract private sector investments into modern processing of locally produced crops, livestock, fisheries and related agribusiness activities.

Food and agriculture experts expect that the new tomato-processing factory will create price stability for tomato farmers when they harvest and they will do more than one cropping season hence forth. The presence of the factory will encourage farmers to produce more.

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