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Kaymu, West Africa’s first person-to-person e-commerce marketplaceStallholders and small shopkeepers in Ivory Coast and 14 other African countries are turning to a local ecommerce marketplace to sell their goods to a larger audience. Other than e-commerce platforms Jumia (Africa's answer to Amazon), Wasiri and Sigata, Kaymu is the first person-to-person marketplace open to individuals rather than just shops.

The problem with Ebay and Alibaba in Africa is that few have access to them or have even heard of them. Kaymu of Ivory Coast is now profiling itself as the "number one marketplace in emerging countries". According to a BBC report, Kaymu is now rapidly cornering the market. It now has operations in 25 countries and 15 of them are in Africa.

Anyone can use the site to sell anything, so-called customer-to-customer. Kaymu helps sellers post pictures of their products on the website, arranges collection and delivery of the goods, and takes 10-20% commission of every item sold.
Even stallholders and small shopkeepers on Adjame market in Abidjan have discovered Kaymu. The market boasts numerous shops that sell anything from jewellery to washing machines. More than 200 of these traders are now also selling on Kaymu – directly to the customer and with a higher margin.

The story on BBC.com also reports about the problems of e-commerce, like cybercrime and logistics issues in West Africa.

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