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Kenya hosts first UN Environment AssemblyUN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and representatives from over 170 countries are to attend the first ever UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) held in Nairobi, Kenya. From 23 to 27 June, about 1200 high-level participants from government, business and civil society are to hold a large conference on environment.

The UNEA is to set a new course in the way the international community addresses environmental sustainability challenges. Under the slogan A Life of Dignity for All, the delegates will deal with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Delegates will also discuss Africa-oriented topics like the illegal trade in wildlife to address the escalation in poaching and surge in related environmental crime.

Kenyan government officials are proud to host such a large international UN conference and for more reasons than the impact of the three-day event for the local economy. For Kenya, hosting UNEA will mean that the attention of world’s leading agencies, experts and activists in environmental management will be on Nairobi. 

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