Kenya's BRCK on CNN’s ‘Startups to Watch’ list

Kenya's BRCK on CNN’s ‘Startups to Watch’ listThe Kenyan startup company BRCK has made it to the '2014 edition of the CNN 10: Startups'. The Kenyans have been ranked among the world’s most promising startups, that have the potential “to transform industries, help the planet's less fortunate or become a handy part of our lives."

BRCK is the only Africa-based startup in the list. The product is a brick-like device that serves as 'the internet's backup generator.' It can keep 20 devices connected for eight hours and is robust enough to handle power failures. It works for more than 8 hours without electricity.

BRCK was not dreamed up in Silicon Valley, CNN reports, “but by a handful of software engineers in Kenya. The rugged little router - its creators call it a ‘backup generator for the Internet’ - has spawned a young company, also called BRCK, which is distributing them around the globe.”

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