Madagascar: caviar producer

Madagascar has joined the elite ranks of caviar-producing countries. Three French entrepreneurs have started Acipenser, a farm that produces Rova Caviar with 300 tonnes of fish from 6 different sturgeon species.

The first batch of Madagascar-made caviar has been produced after it had become clear that producing the sturgeons – essential for caviar – was feasible in Madagascar. Depending on the season, Acipenser employs between 250 and 300 locals.

Reuters reports that the caviar is served by local top-class restaurants, such as Marais, a well-known rooftop restaurant in Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo. According to the restaurant’s chef, this caviar “is very subtle in the mouth, buttery, and it will combine well with products from Madagascar like seafood.”

Caviar prices can be around $780 per kilo in some restaurants. According to expert estimates, the global caviar market is projected to grow at 7% per year to around $560 million by 2025.

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