Mauritius – Africa’s growing and forward-looking island economy

Mauritius is one of the easiest places to do business in Africa where you can open a business in weeks. The small island is one of Africa’s most promising economies, according to a report by CNBC Africa.

Business in Mauritius has been growing in the last three decades. When the island became independent in 1970, it did not have much more to sell than sugar and great beach stays. In 2014, it is much more than one of Africa’s most popular beach holiday destinations. Mauritius is now a modern, forward-looking economy, with a cyber-city, banks and silicon companies and a thriving export processing zone. More than half of what Mauritius produces is exported. The low flat tax rate, of 15 per cent, helps with foreign companies allowed to claim tax rebates bringing this rate down to an effective 3 per cent.

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