More private equity deals in Kenya

Most of the 36 private equity deals in East Africa in 2014 were handled in Kenya.  According to the EAVCA (East African Venture Capitalists Association) private equity investors were keen in taking up strategic minority stakes – up to 25 per cent – or even controlling shareholding in some businesses.

“The pace of private equity deal making has remained strong throughout 2014” said EAVCA’s executive director Nonnie Wanjihia in Kenya’s The Star newspaper. According to EAVCA, consumer-facing industries are a key driver of sustained investments targeting the growing population with rising disposable incomes.

The EAVCA expects to see more consumer-related deals in 2015, with the financial services, healthcare delivery, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness and fast moving consumer goods sectors continuing to attract high levels of interest. The renewable energy generation, natural resources, telecoms and manufacturing are also key sectors to watch this year.

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