Morocco is China's new travel hotspot

New PageMorocco is China's new travel hotspotMorocco is rapidly becoming China's new tourism hotspot. During China's Golden week, a relatively large portion of China's international tourists has touched down in Morocco's souks and deserts to get a taste of North African life.

 During Golden Week, a seven-day holiday in China, many people travel to South Korea, Thailand and Japan, the most popular travel destinations for Chinese tourists.

 This year, there was a 3500% year-on-year increase in visa applications to Morocco, says Ctrip, a Nasdaq-listed travel agency based in Shanghai.

 Quartz reports that the sudden interest in Morocco may be the result of a relaxation in visa requirements and appreciation of China’s currency. Morocco just joined 57 other countries and regions that have relaxed or eliminated visa requirements for Chinese citizens this June.

Overall, 589 million Chinese were expected to travel during Golden Week, a 12% increase from last year. Of these, 6 million Chinese were expected to travel overseas, a record high.

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