Nigeria looking to upgrade its tomato value chain

Nigeria produces nearly 2 million tonnes of tomatoes per year, but 40 per cent of the crop never reaches the market. As this negatively impacts food security and farmers’ incomes, something needs to be done to upgrade the country’s tomato value chain.

A group of Nigerians and global business leaders in the country’s agriculture industry has pulled together in Lagos to find solutions to the post-harvest losses of tomatoes. The key take-away of the event was that smallholder farmers and processors must work together to meet local market demands and scale the local tomato industry.

Agrobusiness Nigeria reported that the need for farmers to be able to access high quality seeds to achieve higher yields was discussed, as well as bio-safety, standards and certifications and greater access to finance and financial incentives. Participants discussed solutions for challenges in the value chain, such as railway transport, cold chain solutions, solar water pumping, centralised mini-grids for pre-processing, mobile agro-tech solutions, and collapsible plastic crates.

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