Please meet… Olubunmi Adeyemi, Nigerian designer and founder of AFROMINIMA

AFROMINIMA is a lifestyle and homeware brand from Nigerian designer, Olubunmi Adeyemi. The artist and entrepreneur designs anything from interiors to homeware and from fashion to apartments. All in an extraordinary style that is African mixed with Scandinavian and Japanese influences. Adeyemi describes his love for simple objects: “My style is clean, minimal, modern, urban, cultured and iconic.”

From wooden spoons and platters, to spice bowls and mortar and pestle sets, the AFROMINIMA range of modern, minimalist home-ware products reveal a deep love for simple spaces and objects. Is the signature of Nigerian Olubunmi Adeyemi, an internationally recognized minimalist designer, interior architect and lifestyle entrepreneur. He is the founder of AFROMINIMA and THE DÅ BRAND and for the last 12 years he has been quietly building his own design movement.


Above all, Olubunmi Adeyemi is a multi-talent, and his work varies in scale from hospitality and residential projects to household, fashion and lifestyle products, encompassing products development, branding, interior design and design thinking. The Nigerian, who studied design in both London and South Africa and is an alumnus on the prestigious Lagos Business School, is now an acclaimed designer and entrepreneur, with an impressive list of clients and collaborations. The list includes names such as the Sharjah Art Foundation (UAE), Wallpaperstore (Italy), Alara Concept Design Store (Nigeria), Artlogic (South Africa) and Future Lab (UK).

‘Afrocentric minimalism’

“AFROMINIMA means ‘afrocentric minimalism’", the artist explains. “It is a design and lifestyle movement inspired by the Japanese Minimalism aesthetic and the Scandinavian Functional style combined with our strong African Heritage. It is a design language, a philosophy, a style and a movement that connects our past, present and future, over the years culture has played a vital role in art and design. The African Identity has evolved and we are contributing to an existing artistic movement that it connecting the continent's history with its potential through the grit, determination, perseverance and intuition. At AFROMINIMA we create work that is distinctively uncomplicated yet conceptually complex.”

"LESS IS AFRO" is our motto and AFROMINIMA can also be defined by the perfect equilibrium of colors, functionality, edginess and use of raw materials, its aesthetics ethos tends to a delicate approach to minimalism, in an effort to reduce the object to its necessary elements by stripping down the material to its essential quality, it achieves beautiful simplicity. A modern language that expresses our Neo African narrative and culture.”

Beautiful marriage

AFROMINIMA is a Nigerian Lifestyle Brand Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian Aesthetics   

How do Nigerian/African flair mix with Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism? “It's a beautiful marriage. The base was sreated during a Creative Enterprise Development Program facilitated by The British Council, The Lagos Business School and CIDA UK. I am influenced by everyday culture, everyday functional objects and innovative use of space. It was these influences and my growing high regard for the basic needs in urban life that led to his interest in the minimalist movement. Because I grew up loving simple spaces and objects, it was instinctive for me to connect this with my own African culture.”

Minimalism may not be the first thing one associates with Africa, but to Adeyemi there is some logic in how he developed his style. He cites Nigerian languages as just one of the examples of its prevalence. “My tribe, which is YORUBA, is a very popular culture in Nigeria,” he says. “Our language is very expressive with the use of minimalist words to describe things. For example, ‘ORI’ which means ‘head’: this simple word can be used to express so many different explanations. Simple things can be very expressive.”

If you would like to know more about Adeyemi’s work with AFROMINIMA™, follow him on Instagram and Facebook. Products can be pre-ordered via email, will be shipped worldwide – price list available, email Bunmi Adeyemi at

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