Private equity pours $1 billion in Kenya’s businesses

Kenya has attracted about $1 billion in private equity, impact investment and venture fund deals in 2015. The investors were particularly interested in Kenya’s energy, financial, healthcare and real estate sectors.

AsokoInsight compiled the list of the investments that made the press for their size and impact. The list features well-known and less known investors like Helios, Old Mutual/UAP Group, Fanisi Capital, Ascent Capital, Axis, Nest in Nairobi, Regmifa and GroFin.

The deals of 2015 involved some interesting investments. Helios bought the entire 70 per cent stake in Telkom Kenya held by France Telecom. The South African firm Old Mutual Group purchased a 60.7 per cent stake in UAP Holdings. Fanisi Capital bought a minority stake in Kijenge Animal Products in Tanzania for $6 million. Ascent Capital acquired a stake in a Kampala-based mobile money agent Chims Africa. Mauritian fund manager Axis acquired Kenyan stock broker ApexAfrica Capital. Also in 2015, South African venture capital firm GroFin funded Nairobi Coffee chain Café Deli’s expansion plans.

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