Sustainable industrial park to be built in Ghana

Siemens is to build an expandable microgrid solution for the fast-growing industrial and business park based in Takoradi, Western Ghana. The solution will eliminate the challenges that many companies face in doing business in Ghana and other parts of Sub-Sahara Africa, such as access to reliable power, water, broadband internet and transport.

Siemens will build the solution together with WestPark Enterprises to lay the foundations for reliable, competitive and efficient energy. The solution will consist of a 250kW microgrid that controls the energy generation and throughput for the initial phase of buildings to be constructed at WestPark. The microgrid can be powered by renewable energy and therefore provide a sustainable and cost-effective solution for tenants.

The power will come from onsite photovoltaic panels, that stores its energy in a back-up battery storage solution. The grid can be expanded as more buildings are added to the business park. The project is an example of the way Siemens wants to implement environmentally sustainable solutions in Africa.

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