Ten reasons to invest in South Africa

The South African economy is showing signs of recovery and may soon come out of a recession. South Africa’s Standard Bank has issued a list of ten good reasons to invest into the country that is getting back on its feet. 

  1. South Africa (SA) has a healthy legal and regulatory environment for business 

  1. The South African Reserve Bank is independent, internationally acclaimed 

  1. SA has a strong financial and banking sector 

  1. SA has an innovative and dynamic technology sector 

  1. The country is an international player, a member of G20, World Economic Forum 

  1. SA is a sophisticated and promising emerging market 

  1. SA has the most diversified and industrialised economy of Africa 

  1. SA has a modern and well-developed transport infrastructure 

  1. SA is home of the largest number of multinational headquarters on the continent 

  1. SA recently signed the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), that will boost intra-Africa trade 

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