The Leonardo (Johannesburg), Africa's tallest building

The Leonardo (Johannesburg), Africa's tallest building

Sandton, Johannesburg, is home to Africa’s tallest building. The recently opened new high-riser is the Leonardo, a 234-meter (768-foot) skyscraper within walking distance of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The new tall building, developed by South Africa’s Legacy Group and Nedbank Group Ltd., will become the home base of Africa’s biggest companies and of Sandton City, a premier shopping mall. The Leonardo will house 254 apartments, a three-floor penthouse and five floors of office space as well as shops, restaurants, a gym and a herb garden.

African Business Central reports that the tall building stands in the middle of Sandton, the relatively safe part of Johannesburg’s city centre that is notorious for its high crime rate. The Leonardo fits well within Sandton’s modern image of ultramodern high-rises and glass-fronted office structures, African Business Central reports.

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