Uber supports Kenya’s deaf taxi drivers

Online taxi company Uber and the Kenya National Association of the Deaf (KNAD) have teamed up in a pilot project to encourage hearing impaired taxi drivers to use the Uber smartphone app.

In this first-of-its-kind African pilot project deaf drivers can venture into a business that for a long time was restricted to hearing drivers. Deaf drivers can now be taxi drivers too, because the Uber app offers them a flash prompt on their smartphone when a potential client has asked for a ride. The client keys in their pickup location and the driver accepts the request once the phone flashes. When the client is picked up the Uber App automatically charges the fare —75 cents per kilometre.

VOAnews reports that the KNAD expects deaf drivers to get a taxi licence more easily.
Uber’s manager in Kenya regards the pilot project as a way to greater income opportunities to deaf and hard of hearing people who typically don’t have access to that many income opportunities. There are more than 600,000 hearing-impaired people in Kenya.

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Image by Kenatco Taxi

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