Uganda start-up to build ‘Smack’ hybrid car

Kiira Motors Corp in Uganda is working on a series of prototypes that will eventually lead to the construction of Africa’s first home-grown family of electric vehicles.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Chief Executive Paul Isaac Musasizi plans to build 7,000 EV Smack sedan cars per year. Musasizi is also planning to develop a 37-passenger van by 2018. Musasizi named Kiira after the Nile River dam that provides electricity to his factory and thousands of Ugandan consumers. The car’s price tag is less than $20,000, a lot cheaper than the import cars brought overland from ports in Kenya and Tanzania.

Kiira Motors is not the only African start-up hoping to challenge global players. “Kenya’s Mobius Motors started producing a car designed to withstand Africa’s rough terrain in December. Nigeria’s Innoson Vehicles Manufacturing Co. began building budget commercial autos from a mix of local and imported parts in January”, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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Image by Kiira Motors

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