Uganda students develop finger print car start module

Software engineering students of Makerere University in Uganda have developed a fingerprint car-starting module. The innovation that replaces the use of a key is named ‘Kuanza Gari’, Swahili for ‘Start a car’.

The students are in the final stage of patenting the technology. After that, the commercialising phase will come. The students hope to have the first batch of the components in the market within six months. The market price for the device will range from $250-300.
BizTechAfrica reports that the innovation is to offer more safety and convenience to car owners in a country where the number of car theft is rising. The system reads the saved fingerprints on the vehicle; accepted users are the only authoritative people that can enable the vehicle to start or stop.


The device is fitted in the electronic system of the vehicle. The vehicle owner can add or delete any finger user’s print from the system. Once the vehicle is fitted with this system, the key system is disabled. According to the project leader, the system is GSM-enabled. If the system should fail, the user can send an SMS with a secret code to start or stop vehicle which will instantly prompt the vehicle to do so.

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