Water restrictions relaxed in Cape Town

After suffering from the worst drought in recent history, the water situation in Cape Town has improved. The City of Cape Town has therefore made the move to relax current water restrictions slightly. Consumers as well as commercial and industrial water users can use more water. 

After rainfall, Cape Town's water storage capacity in the city’s reservoirs (such as Theewaterskloof Dam and Wemmershoek Dam) is nearing 70%. That is quite an improvement towards the 38% capacity level that was reached at the end of previous winter.  

Cape Town’s Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson praised the "enormously positive response from Capetonians when called upon to reduce water usage.” This, and the advanced pressure and water management programmes by the City, helped Cape Town avoid the worst-case scenario. 

News24 reports that, under the water restrictions imposed by the City, each person was allowed a personal water use limit of 50 litres per day. The relaxation brings the limit up, to 70 litres. Also, restrictions for commercial and industrial water users were relaxed, from a 45% to a 40% usage reduction. 

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