Web TV station to promote African farming

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A young entrepreneur in Burkina Faso has launched a TV station that aims to promote agricultural work among young Africans. Agribusiness TV is available on the web and mobile phones.

ENCA reports that Inoussa Maiga, a 30-year old inhabitant of Ouagadougou, has set up the TV station with his wife. According to Maiga, "all those who went to school up to a certain level consider going back to the land as a failure, as something demeaning. Yet – and we see it every day in our broadcasts – there are many opportunities for young people."

Agriculture TV covers the stories of people under 40 with interesting stories in farming, stockbreeding and other different links in the food chain, like food processing, green jobs, the environment and the business of sustainable agriculture. The new TV channel has a network of correspondents in Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mali and Togo. Agribusiness TV is available in French and English on dedicated apps for the smartphone at www.agribusinesstv.info.

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