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Club Africa is the global online business community of frequent travellers focused on doing business in or with Africa. We provide our members an unique platform with business information, local expertise, insights & inspiration, contacts and travel opportunities that can make your business take off. 

A rich source of information

Africa is often referred to as a continent with immense economic growth potential. But how can you tap into this new world of opportunities? What challenges will you need to face when setting up a foothold on the continent? How do you keep up to date with the latest business trends? We offer interviews and feature articles about African and international entrepreneurs, about their experiences, their learnings and their view on the future of Africa.

Share your story

We’re always searching for suggestions, trends, tips or tricks. Please share with us your most successful and inspiring stories on doing business in Africa. You can contact us directly at shareyourstory@your-bizbook.com.

An invaluable connection builder

Conducting business between Africa and the world – and vice versa – requires connecting to investors and to people that can handle logistics, finance, permits and dozens of other matters. To connect to people who have been there, who have done exactly that. Club Africa offers unique ways to connect to experienced Club Africa members that mean business.

You can create a personal user profile that can be directly linked to thousands of frequent business travellers to Africa. But that is not all.  Within soon you can also promote your own company by creating a free company profile; with this profile, you can connect to other companies in your industry inside and outside Africa and find and develop new opportunities for your business. This feature will be released in fall 2014.

A travel tool for Africa – with great benefits

Club Africa offers great value for money in travelling to Africa. It is a rich source of travel offers and information from Air France, KLM, offering 42 destinations on the African continent, linking Africa to the Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol hubs. Club Africa also offers numerous great offers from Air France KLM’s airline partners, hotels, car rental companies and more.

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