1.4 million Chinese aim for 24,000 government jobs

In China, 1.4 million people have recently taken the so-called ‘guokao’ exam, in the hope of securing one of 24,000 government jobs. Taking part in this national public service exam is required to have a 1-in-60 chance of being selected for one of the jobs.

The exams are a hotly contested annual event, South China Morning Post reports. The 24,000 jobs on offer are in 86 central government agencies and 23 institutions directly attached to them. Candidates that do well in the exam, will be invited to start their job in early 2020. “The guokao has long been a big draw for Chinese jobseekers as government jobs are regarded as providing an ‘iron rice bowl’ of security and money”, SMCP reports.

The written exam covers topics such as Chinese politics, international affairs, language and logic. For jobs in finance, public security and foreign affairs a professional skills test is part of the exam.

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