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China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom (Hong Kong) are competing fiercely to win the Chinese consumers for their 4G products. 

China Telecom, until recently the third-largest telecom carrier of the country, is now rolling out its fourth-generation mobile network in the domestic market. It has just leaped ahead of China Unicom to become the nation's second telecom operator to offer 4G services.

Competition will soon be at its peak, after China Telecom unveiled its plans to start 4G businesses in close to 100 cities across the country for wireless network cards. The China Telecom rates are roughly the same as China Mobile’s, offering seven different pricing plans, starting at 70 yuan ($11.54) for 1 gigabyte of data traffic per month. China Mobile, the biggest Chinese telecom operator with a subscriber base of 760 million, aims to offer 4G services in 340 cities in the country by year-end.

Industry analysts say they expect China to quickly emerge as the world's biggest 4G market with an estimated 4G service subscriber base of 440 million by 2017.

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