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3/13/2014 11:20:44 AM

“Any tech company doing business in China should assume that its designs and products are being copied. When forced to share your technology in China, isolate the pieces from each other so that your partner doesn’t have the whole picture.”

This piece of advice – found on China Law Blog, offered under the title ‘James McGregor’s China Tips’ – may seem overly careful, but taking care of your invention is certainly sensible – in any country. McGregor’s remarks come straight from everyday’s business practice. Like this one: “If your boss wants to come to China to do a quick deal, lose his or her passport.” In his contribution on China Law Blog, Dan Harris comments: “There are actually two schools of thought on this. One school says you do not want your boss to come to China because he will make big mistakes, but the other school says that you do want your boss to come to China because he will make big mistakes and then realize that he’s better off leaving China to his company’s China experts.”

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