Urban population in China by 2030: 940 million | Biz weekly

By 2030, 67 per cent of all Chinese – 940 million people – will be living in cities, Xinhua reports, based on a report by The Economist Intelligence Unit. China's urbanization rate will increase to 61 per cent by 2020 before reaching 67 per cent in 2030.

The urban population will near 940 million by 2030, while the number of people living in the countryside will fall to around 450 million. Eastern China, led by Guangdong, will see the largest increase of 124 million over the 2010-30 period in its urban population. Central China will follow with a rise of 71 million over the period.

The Economist Intelligence Unit experts say that, if the process is managed well, urbanization could help to sustain China' s long-term economic growth, as urban economies are more productive than those in rural areas.

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