A healthy bubble at Chinese homes

Fearing pollution of air and water, many Chinese city dwellers invest in air purifiers, air quality monitors and water purification systems. These devices help Chinese consumers build bubbles of clean air, purified water and safe products.

Reuters reports that public awareness of environmental threats is on the rise. Citizens to build their bubble at home, shielding their kids from the dangers of smog and water pollution. The report concludes that e-commerce is a big help for these families that want to buy the devices they perceive as a necessity but also to buy foodstuff with a good brand reputation. Websites such as Alibaba's Taobao.com have made it easier to find products from overseas that are perceived as safer.

The article describes why international air and water monitoring and purification system should pay attention – there is a market for their products. One Chinese father explains why he has spent 30,000 yuan ($4,627) on two air purifiers from Philips and Swedish company Blueair and another 20,000 yuan on a water purification system from U.S. firm Ecowater: "I had a life I needed to protect. It was my responsibility to give him a safe environment.”

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Image by Nicolò Lazzati on Flickr

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