Bad behaviour: blacklisted from traveling on planes and trains

5/9/2018 2:37:10 PM

Bad social behaviour can have far-stretching consequences in China’s new social scoring system. Nine million people have been banned from buying plane tickets and another 3 million from buying business-class train tickets, following their behaviour.

It does not take much to get people on the list that is managed by China’s National Development and Reform Commission. Leaving bicycles on a footpath, blocking pedestrian traffic, can be a reason to get blacklisted. Also, getting caught doing illegal home renovations is sufficient to get one on the list. Other people – in total 815,000 – have been blocked from using planes and trains for unpaid fines.

According to Stuff, around 6000 companies have been restricted from accessing finance based on social credit scores, which also cover environmental infringements and dumping.

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