Beijing’s car licence plate lottery: 1-to-2031

8/8/2018 8:04:31 AM

The chances of obtaining a car licence plate in Beijing are getting slimmer every month. In June 2,031 car owners have competed for a license plate through Beijing's vehicle lottery system.

This is a new record, since Beijing started to issue license plates under a lottery system in Jan 2011, with the intention to curb pollution and traffic. The likelihood of winning was 1-to-2,013. The ratio was 1-in-1,963 in April, reports GBTimes. This is twice as low as the end of last year (one in 800) and the lowest ever since the license plate lottery was introduced.

In 2018, the number of new plates issued will be limited by the authorities to 100,000 - a 33 percent cut compared to the 150,000 given out last year. Of this number, only 40,000 will be issues to conventional cars, the rest is reserved for new energy vehicles (NEVs).

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