Big money offered to high-tech talents

Chinese IT companies are offering big salaries to specialized tech professionals. In Shanghai, annual salaries as high as 1 million yuan (€129,000) are offered for artificial intelligence (AI) professionals.

The ‘war on talent’ is on in some first tier cities and Alibaba Group is among the bidders. These and other companies are particularly interested in meeting candidates with a master’s degree or above in computing, statistics or math majors and in-depth study in deep learning, image recognition, classification, detection and image search.

Shanghai Daily reports that recruiters are also keen on finding block chain professionals, as well as interface designers, front-end engineers, rear-end engineers and architects. Similarly, the government of Yuhang District, in the north of Hangzhou, is offering annual salaries of up to 500,000 yuan (€65,000) to recruit 20 professionals from the top 100 overseas universities. Departments like reform and development, economic information, science and technology, commerce, planning and transportation will employ the candidates. Some of the candidates will be employed by industrial platforms or state-owned companies

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