Changsha: China’s intelligent manufacturing capital

Changsha, capital of central China's Hunan province, used to be the country’s focus city for engineering machinery. Today, Changsha is all about intelligent manufacturing, with AI, machine learning and robots.

Many of China’s leading equipment manufacturers are headquartered in Changsha. Now the city is transforming into the nation's leading intelligent manufacturing center, reports People’s Daily.

Intelligent manufacturing is about innovative manufacturing execution systems (MES), smart devices, machine-to-machine communication, and data analysis for production lines and facilities. City authorities have taken measures to encourage traditional manufacturers to use new technologies. Government and industry leaders co-founded institutes to provide smaller manufacturers with services that facilitate the industrial upgrade, such as consultancy and technology development. Bonuses have been granted to manufacturers purchasing intelligent equipment.

As the report concludes: “With intelligent manufacturing, "Made in China" will be smarter than ever.”

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