Chengdu has green ambitions

The city of Chengdu, located in China’s west, has filed plans to raise the city’s greenery coverage rate to 42 per cent. To become China’s green city, it will create an average of 13.5 square meters of public green space for every local resident.

Shanghai Daily reports that within five years’ time, Chengdu will have 45 multifunction parks. According to the plan, the city is also expected to boast more than 40 zoos, botanical gardens and parks; as well as 11 artificial lakes and nine wetlands.

Parks will be built on public lands next to streams and rivers all around the city, giving local residents plenty of places for relaxing and recreation.

Built on a river and surrounded by water, this historically significant city has long been known as a land of abundance because of its rich natural resources and enthralling landscapes.

Wetlands play a significant role in the ecosystem of the plains which surround Chengdu. Municipal officials intend to pick sites suitable for parks, and build and expand nine wetland areas in these sites. To make visiting more convenient for sightseers, the government will build parking lots and other necessary facilities near wetland parks.

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