China approves three new railways – € 32 billion investment

China’s National Development and Reform Commission has approved construction of a railway linking Lhasa (capitol of Tibet) to Nyingchi in its east, totalling 434 kilometres. This line is one of three rail lines approved by the country's top economic planning body. The total investment involved is € 32 billion.

The other two approved railway lines are from Ordos in the northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to Ji'an in the eastern Jiangxi Province, and from Datong in the northern Shanxi Province to Zhangjiakou in neighbouring Hebei Province.

After completion, the Sichuan-Tibet railway will form a ring with the Qinghai-Tibet railway, which will bring more economic benefit, according to Wang Daiyuan with the Tibet Academy of Social Sciences.

The Tibet project will take seven years to complete. State-owned China Railway Corporation will build and operate the line.

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