China boasts its first hybrid-power train

China boasts its first hybrid-power trainChangchun Railway Vehicles Co.’s (CRRC) will test China’s first hybrid-power train in June. The tests and the debugging phase will take six months, to ensure product quality, safety and efficiency.

The new train will have two or three power sources including integrated internal combustion power of diesel generator package and a power battery pack to cut carbon emissions and diesel costs. BGR and China Daily reports that the train will be able to easily switch from operating electrified railway networks to fully non-electrified ones.

The new train will run at between 120 and 160 km per hour, and is best suited to be operated on lines of under 100 km in length, or on rail journeys of less than an hour.

According to China Daily, China will continue to invest on a large scale in its railway system over the next five years.

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