China builds mega-farm

China will build a giant dairy farm of several hundreds of thousands square kilometres to supply milk and other products to Russia. The farm is being set up in the Chinese city of Mudanjiang in the Heilongjiang Province.

The Global Dairy reports that the farm project is a joint-venture by China’s Zhongding Dairy Farming and Russia’s Severny Bur. The intention of both parties is to offer an alternative for dairy products from EU, US, Australia, Norway and Canada.

The farm project also involves the provision of feed for the cattle, to be grown on 100,000 hectares of land in China and Russia.

Earlier, China’s Huae Sinban Company leased 115,000 hectares of land in Russia’s Transbaikal region for agriculture. In a $450 million investment schema, the company also plans to lease another 200,000 hectares in Russia.

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