China replaces customs officers by robots

China replaces customs officers by robotsChinese customs authorities have added new, highly advanced robots to its staff. Robots have been put to work as customs officers at three ports in southern Guangdong Province. reports that the ultra-intelligent robots are now operational at Chinese customs at the ports of Gongbei, Hengqin in Zhuhai City and Zhongshan.

The sophisticated Xiao Hai super robots can listen, speak, learn, see and walk. They are geared with face recognition technology through which they can detect suspicious people and raise an alarm. The robots have been programmed with a specialised customs database and can answer questions in 28 languages and dialects.

Robots are rapidly becoming more popular in China, to perform jobs that are complicated for humans. Recently a surgical robot in Guangdong province successfully carried out a kidney surgery on a six-year-old boy.

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