China tech industry fights scams and fraud calls

Every day more than 14.35 million scam phone calls are detected in China. Also, about 140,000 people make fraudulent calls in a single day. Three of China's biggest tech industry firms have joined forces to beat scams, fraudulent phone calls, and suspicious short messages.

Shanghai Daily reports that ALIBABA, China Mobile and Qihoo 360 are going to fight the scams and fraud calls. Qihoo 360, China’s biggest online security firm, has opened a database containing scam call numbers and suspected criminals’ behaviour analysis. Alibaba will stop the sale of prepaid telecommunications cards by individual sellers on its site. Suspects often use such cards to commit phone fraud.

China Mobile, China's biggest mobile carrier, is going to automatically warn users when suspicious phone numbers appear on their mobile phone screens. The company has tested an anti-scam system.

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